Donate materials

Donate in material form to support dfkorg Researchers in mission and library. The Scientology in Germany and United States of America has donated more than hundred WAY TO HAPPINESS books to support our “Dream Ghana” campaign.

Donating materials is one way that we’re able to provide by meeting the standards and the demands of our volunteers. “Ambassadors and DA’s.” The needs materials to support its general researching team, and also, to train the child researchers with. Materials like all kinds of technology machines. Especially, computers/laptops for learning and research.

The Org needs donators and partners that can help, to have a centre for hopes and changing lives. Where we wish to have a library, general researching center for nation building and development, center for wealth creation, creativity, and invention centre.

Defend Ambassador Prince Kwame-medo Baidoo
Defend Ambassador, Prince Kwame-medo Baidoo (fouder: Dig for Knowledge Organisation)DFK. Explaining why the necessary books and technology today are very important in our lives for learning and researching by applying them whenever looking forward, for a change. Interms of humanity, the first priority which most falls within. Also, Peace and development.

Please donate a book to support our library and our general researching centre. 
Donate for a t-shirts by yourself customise dfk org logo “small in the chest side” with the design you’re witnessing, as it is. Both kids adults and t-shirts, surprised our volunteer Ambassadors with them.❤️😍Contribution&donations

Through your donation a life would be able to change. Thanks for your donation.

By Thee P

Prince Kwame-medo is a motivational speaker, life coach or consultant, author. He's also the founder of DFK Org, including DFK companies. His understanding of humanity,literacy and civilisation is unique.

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