About Us

D.A’s readiness to share literacy beyond class room to children and others in communities.

Dig for Knowledge Organization logo(icon) and its meaning or descriptions.

The beautiful logo of the organisation indicates a heart, globe on top. it’s about love that can hold on the world. And it’s indeed what’s holding the world. Without love the world would have been falling and dispatched by now.

The black and gold scroll, on top of the globe is also about literacy beyond classroom and civilisation.

The beautiful gold Hanukkah menorah(a candle stand), which is on top of the scroll, also indicate how wealthier and precious a light could be in our lives. We all need a vision to walk through, and that’s light. Light can’t be hidden, but must be on a stand to shine for the world to see, and that’s why together with you today, we’re trying to laugh with those who’re laughing. And also, to console those who’re crying and love them; For us to walk through the light together. At least with your little donation, may help this logo’s explanations, to be, an indeed, a continuously reality. Thanks for your support.

What People Say

The generosity of this organization makes it possible for me to have free consultations and motivations. I hope through your help many will be able to have, and perused their education and will be successful to become influential that will change Ghana, Africa and the world.

Kesse J.

That’s great! For the first time, I’m witnessing someone not shy to talk about money and wealth to children. Not the rich teaching their children? This is a great dedication to the world and unselfishness, indeed. See you guys.

Indeed let’s all believe. It is not over until it’s over. Through this Org I can definitely say, “more future for the world.

Andrew Doe
  • An Ambassador of dfkorg
  • dfkorg Ambassador, since 2011. And one of the org's fundamental Ambassadors
  • Beautiful dfkorg logo.
  • One of the dfkorg Ambassadors in mission
  • dfkorg beautiful logo

Volunteer Now!!

Digforknowledge organisation's volunteers. The DA's.
Become a Volunteer. With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please, get in touch by contacting us for more information.

Dig for Knowledge Organisation is a non-profit Ghanaian based. The organisation was founded in the month of of October 25, 2011 in the Ashanti regional-capital of Kumasi in Ghana by Prince Kwame-medo Baidoo and his colleague students, in Gyaama Pensan Snr. High School. for the purpose of nation building by helping others. Promoting literacy, girl empowerment, wealth creation and entreneurship, discipline and peace.

What changes now?

Since tthe organisation established in Senior high school, the org has never looked at its back again. Though, there were, and still are challenges, but the dfkorg is still struggling to achieve purposes to the world. The organisation is still having its strong and faithful fundamental of its roots which is the org’s early Ambassadors since 2011 in senior high school and are doing fantastic well. Mr. Attik and others. The organisation change its way of operations, two years after 2011 in school. Focusing a lot on early child education, literacy projects. Researching teams, that can apply to what ever they’re researching for. Persons from age 7 upwards through training and seminars. Wealth creation and money, including entreneurship skills, creativity and inventions. All these are highlighting especially to the children; which are not common and normally we see it from the side of only the rich, which shouldn’t be the case. Let’s build a foundation beyond classroom, literacy beyond to our children todat, to at least to see them smiling today and also tomorrow. Thanks for your donations and also in touched.

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