Knowing your Ambassadors

Knowing all your local and international Ambassadors/DA’s world-wide

Defend Ambassador, Henry Kwadwo Boakye's profile as an Ambassador of DFKORG
Defend Ambassador, Henry Kwadwo Boakye. DA Henry is one of the first and faithful members of the Org. He was Once a secretary and later became the president of the DFKORG in Gyaama Pensan Senior High school in the Ashanti region of Ghana. After his high school, he proceeded to nursing and midwifery training college and he’s now a Professional aside his humanity work with the Org in his local community, country and international.
Defend Ambassador, Harry Dickman's profile as DFKORG Ambassador
Defend Ambassador Harry Dickman. One of the executives body of the Org. Since his encountered with the Org, he has done and still doing great to the Org achieved its goals; to witness the well civilized and developed we’re ensuring to have. DA Harry is also one of the maestroes behind our media platforms. He’s an architectural student in the University of Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology in Ghana. In his 5th year aside this, he’s working with the Org as volunteer.